July 17

Uganda Update – We Have Chickens!


Dear friends,

Our family in Uganda has made a lot of progress.


With your donations, they have built a substantial chicken house.



They have also purchased one hundred chickens and most of the necessary supplies, including feeders, waterers, heat sources, a few weeks’ worth of chicken feed, and supplemental food ingredients to make the chickens grow faster.






As is often the case with folks we try to help in the third world, there have been some modifications to the plan. In this case, after talking with local experts, the family decided to raise meat chickens rather than laying hens. They believe the return on investment will be larger and quicker.  For example, rather than feeding chickens for months before getting any eggs, they will be able to sell their ‘broilers’ in August. (They’re already growing!)

This also means, though, that the chickens will require more feed and more care early in their life, such as vaccinations and occasional checkups with the local veterinarian.

You were generous with your donations so we have been able to meet the additional unexpected expenses so far. The family sends us receipts as they make the necessary purchases. We will keep you posted on their progress and the outcomes!



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