April 4

Minor Orders Conferred Upon Eight Seminarians In Solemn Annual Ceremonies


In St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary’s second ceremony of Minor Orders, five seminarians received the orders of Porter and Lector and three the orders of Exorcist and Acolyte this past March.

During the individual ceremonies the ordinandi are presented with insignia specific to their order, and they place their hands upon them as the bishop speaks the ordination prayers over them.

The Porter is presented with keys to represent his role as the guardian of the House of God and to indicate his mission of opening and closing the church, calling to the faithful by the ringing of the bells (pictured below), and protecting the Church’s sanctity.

The Lector’s mission is to publicly proclaim the word of God, and so he places his hands on a Lectionary, promising to love the Sacred Scriptures and develop a passion for the sanctification of souls.

The Exorcist receives the same power over the demonic that Christ gave to the Apostles, and is called to the same life of “purity and vigilance of soul”. He is presented with the Rituale, with which he can expel demons and guard Christ’s people against evil.

Finally, the Acolyte’s duty is to carry lit candles during holy ceremonies, representing his mission of enlightening others with his conduct and bringing them closer to God. Acolytes also take on a more intimate role in the Divine Mysteries and are responsible for presenting the water and wine that will become the Precious Blood during the Mass.


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