What does Flower of Charity refer to?

The opening of heart and mind to the will of God results in the growth in desire to serve others.  In the same way a flower opens up to benefit from the light and warmth of the sun, so also does the human person grow in charity when open to the work of God.

How do you verify these foreign recipients have legitimate needs?

We work through verified intermediaries, such as pastors, third party aid workers or respected individuals we recruit to verify needs.  We routinely ask these individuals to make unannounced follow-up visits to verify the ongoing needs of the beneficiaries.

How do I know my donation is reaching the intended party?

We provide end to end tracking of donations upon request, so you can see the method used for sending money (such as Western Union), with the tracking numbers, notification of who picked up the funds, and we require beneficiaries to send copies of receipts whenever possible, as well as photographic evidence of how the money was spent.

Can I designate my donation to a particular cause/recipient?


What percentage of your donations benefit the orphans/refugees/seminarians?

100% of all donations (less any payment processing or bank fees), designated to a specified recipient will benefit the named party.  Our administrative, legal and operational costs are covered by private donations specified for administrative use.

Can I send a physical check via the mail?

Yes, our mailing address is:  Flower of Charity, Suite 2163, 401 East Trinity Lane, Nashville, TN 37207

Do you accept online donations?

Yes, you may donate online via Paypal.  Just click here.

Can’t the refugees beg or work to support themselves?

The Christian refugees we support in Thailand are legally barred from working or begging.  Those who do are susceptible to imprisonment.  If and when refugees receive asylum, they may work or beg.  At that time we would expect the refugees to work in some capacity to support themselves.

Why do you help foreigners when there are needy people here at home?

Those who we support lack even the most basic food and shelter, and the ability to provide for themselves.  There are no government welfare programs to help them, and traditional non-profit charitable groups lack the resources to provide even a minimal level of support.  In the United States, truly needy people have access to a array of programs for housing, food and medical care.  We have chosen to support those who have no other support system.

Can I be in contact with the people I am supporting with my donations?

Yes.  Contact us for details.

How quickly/how often do you distribute money to the designated individuals?

We match the frequency of support with the occasion of the need.  We do not want to advance more money to a needy family than is necessary for the immediate needs.  At the same time, we want to meet the needs and avoid emergency situations.  Our present refugee model is built around funds transfers every two weeks.  In the case of seminarians, orphans or expecting mothers, we transfer funds directly to the local administrators as those resources are received.

If I designate money to a seminarian, what exactly are the funds being used for?

We support the seminarian’s basic needs, which include the cost of housing, food, instruction, and necessary materials, which might include books or basic clerical attire.  We do not raise money for paying off previous debt or expenses unrelated to seminary or official duties.

How often do you perform accountability audits on the beneficiaries?

We perform on-site reviews no less than once per year, and conduct other reviews through third parties on a more frequent, as-needed basis.

Will you support new/additional causes?

Yes, we will consider supporting new or additional causes where there is evidence of a need that is not being addressed by others.

How can I share these charitable opportunities with others?

Please share this website and our social media accounts with your friends and family.  We are in need of additional financial support and volunteers.

How can I volunteer to help Flower of Charity?

We need individuals who can advocate for our causes on social media and in person, we need help raising money, and we are always looking to expand our network in-country where we support causes.  We also need people to commit to praying for our mission and for those we help.

What are the salaries of your staffers?

We have no paid employees.  The board and officers of Flower of Charity Ministries are all volunteer.  We do occasionally have to pay contractors a modest fee to perform mission-related functions in-country (such as a accountability review or audit).

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