Donate to Help Ugandan Orphans

We’d like to help support a Christian family in Wabigalo, Uganda who have lost their father and only breadwinner.

The family consists of the mother, three children (ages 26, 24 and 13), and two grandchildren (ages 4 and 2 1/2), one of whom suffers from sickle cell anemia.

There are few economic opportunities in this part of Uganda for women and children.  They currently live with the mother’s brother, his wife and nine children.

They survive by farming vegetables.

We would like to help them increase their standard of living by raising laying hens.  The 80 hens they propose to raise will eventually produce approximately 60 eggs per day, which the family can both consume and sell to earn additional money.

The family has outlined a budget of $384 which will allow them to become self-sufficient at a primitive level of subsistence.  This investment can reasonably earn them a net income of $100 per month with the following assumptions:


  • Assume each hen lays 21 eggs per month
  • Each generates 400 Ugandan shillings ($0.11)
  • Food cost of $1 per hen per month

This is intended as a one-time project.  100% of the funds (net of credit card processing fees and Western Union transfer fees), go directly to the family.  They will provide photo or video evidence of receipts or the items they acquire.

We will deliver the money in two parts; half upfront to purchase the materials for the chicken coop and food, and the second half for the purchase of the chicks and for vaccinations.

Please support us with a one time donation to get this project started or a recurring donation to help offset our internal funding of any shortfall.  If the project is overfunded (a rarity in our experience), we will report back to donors accordingly.

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