As the world becomes more and more Godless, the world becomes more and more dangerous for those who wish to follow their God. Everyday Catholic refugees risk their lives to flee Islamic persecution in the Middle East. For the most part, these suffering Christians have been ignored by most charities and relief efforts. However, these are the real refugees, and many of them are women and children. Those who are lucky enough to escape persecution are left in desperate material need and face the very real possibility of starvation or homelessness in a foreign land. Some make journeys of thousands of miles seeking asylum only to be met with uncertainty, or worse, being forced to return to their persecutors. Flower of Charity accepts donation on behalf of these refugees and devotes 100% of funds raised to their survival efforts.


Pervaiz family

Lily Pervaiz

Mr and Mrs. Pervaiz and their four children are from Pakistan. Mr. Pervaiz was threatened with death and Mrs. Pervaiz was threatened with rape and forcible remarriage, so the family fled to Thailand where they are seeking asylum from the UN Human Rights Commission. They entered Thailand on a tourist visa and are thus not able to work or even beg to support themselves. Your donations provide food and shelter for this family of six while they wait for their asylum request to be processed. We send the family $200 every two weeks and they send us receipts for their room rent, utilities and food expenses. 100% of your donations go directly to this family (less any bank/transfer fees, such as the $10 Western Union charges us to send money or the 3% for processing credit card transactions).

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