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Little Moments

Despite all the struggles involved in ordinary life at a third-world mission, there are still days and moments that make all the difficulties worth it, such as this beautiful little girl celebrating her third birthday.


Thailand Refugee Program Update 5/30/18

We’ve received only $125 in donations over the last cycle, but we must continue to send $200 to Thailand every two weeks to ensure the Pervaiz family can have food and a roof over their heads. Please consider signing up for a recurring monthly/weekly donation. All contributions are tax deductible through Flower of Charity Ministries 501(c)(3).


Education Reaches New Heights in Rural India

As of 2011, the state-wide literacy rate of Uttar Pradesh was estimated to be around 67.68% (with a rate of 77.28% among men and 57.18% among women). This is a huge improvement on the data from the 2001 census, which reported the state-wide rate to be around 56.27% (68.82% among men, 42.22% among women).

It’s places like God’s Precious Little Souls that continue to make these incredible strides possible by providing support and education for children of all ages regardless of family or financial situations.


Pizza, Prayer, and Hiking

During the recreation time between classes, when the weather allows, the seminarians enjoy going on hikes and taking time to experience and contemplate God’s creation.

Their excursions traditionally end with a meal of pizza and homemade brew.


God’s Precious Little Souls in India Hosts Speech Competition

The children at God’s Precious Little Souls in India regularly participate in extracurricular activities and contests with their peers. This week’s excitement was a speech competition; the kids studied and prepared together, and had a great time from start to finish. The winners stood proudly to receive their certificates and take photos with Fr. Stalin.


Please Help

Please consider helping us cover the deficit between what this family needs to survive and past donations. You can donate here with a check, debit or credit card or PayPal.  Please consider a recurring monthly donation.  As little as $16 a month provides food and housing for this Christian family for one day. Flower of Charity Ministries is a IRS-recognized 501(c)3 charity.  Your donations may be tax deductible.  All donations directly benefit this needy family. Thank you for your help.  

Indigenous Families Can Finally Stay Together While Children Receive Medical Treatment

In the past, the only way for indigenous children born with serious medical conditions to receive the necessary medical care was for them to live at state-run institutions for the duration of their treatment. The parents were left with no choice but to return home to their villages without their babies, while the children were left to endure their struggle alone.

Now, in addition to the essential services they’ve provided since 2013, St. Francis Emmaus Center is working with local medical personnel to provide treatment without separating families. Parents are now able to stay with their children to provide love and support- a crucial part of the treatment and recovery process.



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