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Mothers’ Sacrifices

St. Francis Emmaus Center’s 20-bed facility has remained full during the last few weeks as mothers have arrived day by day with the hopes of delivering their babies in safety. Many of them make dangerous, days-long treks through the jungle, over mountains, and across rivers to get to their destination.

For most of the mothers the travel itself is a huge risk, but the high infant mortality rates and lack of access to medical care make it worth it. Once they arrive, they are welcome to stay as long as is necessary before making the same precarious journey back home with their new baby, sometimes even with additional children they were forced to bring with them.


Thailand Refugee Program Update 7/20/18

Donations have dropped so significantly in recent months that we were only able to send $150 to the Pervaiz family on our last transfer as opposed to the usual $200. In past months we’ve been able to continue sending more than we’ve received from outside donations due to the generosity of private donors, but the deficit can’t continue forever.

With Flower of Charity you can rest assured that you know exactly where your donation is going- toward a true and desperate need. Every contribution helps us to continue providing this refugee family with food and shelter. Without your charity, they face complete destitution and deportation back to Pakistan, their homeland devastated by poverty and Muslim persecution.


Fundraising For The Upcoming School Year

Fundraising is ongoing at God’s Precious Little Souls in India to purchase books, pencils, bags, and other school supplies for the upcoming school year. Every donation helps the children receive a quality education that would otherwise be completely inaccessible to them. Go to to make a contribution or to become a sponsor.


Thailand Refugee Program Update 7/2/18

Last month the Pervaiz family was granted temporary asylum and are currently awaiting resettlement in a host country. While this is an amazing development (their first request was rejected), they are still legally prohibited from working or begging and still desperately need your support. Visit our donate page here at and write ‘Pervaiz’ in the comment bar to make a one-time donation or become a recurring sponsor. Every contribution makes a difference.

Chosen For Eternity

On June 22nd, seven deacons took the final step in their journey to the priesthood. Bishop Tissier de Mallerais officiated, ordaining seven men and raising five to the order of the Diaconate. Hundreds of faithful traveled to witness what every year proves to be a breathtaking, awe-inspiring ceremony.


Leading With Love

At Casa San Francisco, the children are not only encouraged but aided in their learning by patient and caring volunteers like the one pictured below. The children are gathered around her, learning their colors.

Father’s Day at God’s Precious Little Souls in India

Father Stalin Puratyidathil with some of the children in their soccer uniforms. Father supports them inside the church, the classroom, and even on the soccer field. They look up to him not only as a priest, but as the father that many of them have never had.



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