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Thailand Refugee Program Update 11/09/18

The Pervaiz family continues to survive while they await relocation to an asylum country. Mr. and Mrs. Pervaiz don’t know where they will be sent, but settling in a country where they are safe from persecution and free practice the Faith, work, and enroll their children in school is the constant intention of all our prayers.


All Saints’ Day, Uttar Pradesh, India

The children took turns praying before Our Lady on the feast of All Saints- the older ones guiding the younger. They ask for the saints’ intercession and for the conversion of sinners, and say prayers of gratitude for God’s grace and for the generosity of their missionaries and benefactors.

Thailand Refugee Program Update 10/25/18

Mrs. Pervaiz has informed us over the last few weeks of the increasingly hostile attitude of both the Thai government and its citizens toward refugees. Though Thailand’s refugee laws allow foreigners into the country, the restrictions are such that most cannot work or beg for fear of being arrested and sent back to their oftentimes war-ridden home countries. Even those who have been officially granted asylum (like the Pervaiz family) still fear deportation daily.

Life-Saving Care For The Body and Soul

The missionaries at St. Francis Emmaus Pregnancy Hostel provide life-saving healthcare to indigenous mothers from all across the Talamanca region. In addition to caring for their physical needs, they also care for their spiritual health by teaching them about the Faith and, perhaps most importantly, how to pray.

Thailand Refugee Program Update 10/02/18

Please keep the Pervaiz family in your prayers as Mrs. Pervaiz has been sick for the last two weeks. While she’s indisposed, it’s harder for the family to function in a normal capacity and do all the things that are part of their regular everyday routine.



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