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Thailand Refugee Program Update 4/3/18

We’ve continued making transfers to Thailand every two weeks from donations made through both GoFundMe and Flower of Charity Ministries. We haven’t received any donations in the last 14 days (since the below transfer), but must continue to send money or this Christian family will find themselves starving and homeless. Sign up for a recurring donation today, and please continue to keep this urgent need in your prayers.



Healing the Body, Nurturing the Spirit

Kennet has cerebral palsy and was born without the ability to walk. Approximately 41% of children with CP are also diagnosed with co-occurring epilepsy (most commonly found among the children whose CP makes walking impossible) and 6.9% with co-occurring autism. For the indigenous people of Costa Rica, this diagnosis- at the very least- means constant struggle and lifelong paralysis. At the worst, it’s a death sentence.

But at Casa San Francisco, this three year-old little boy was given a new lease on life. Through endless prayer, dedication, support, and love, Kennet can now walk. Without continued donor generosity and thankless, dedicated mission work, this miracle never would have been possible. To help ensure this incredible work can continue to transform lives, sign up here at and become a donor today.

Minor Orders Conferred Upon Eight Seminarians In Solemn Annual Ceremonies

In St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary’s second ceremony of Minor Orders, five seminarians received the orders of Porter and Lector and three the orders of Exorcist and Acolyte this past March.

During the individual ceremonies the ordinandi are presented with insignia specific to their order, and they place their hands upon them as the bishop speaks the ordination prayers over them.

The Porter is presented with keys to represent his role as the guardian of the House of God and to indicate his mission of opening and closing the church, calling to the faithful by the ringing of the bells (pictured below), and protecting the Church’s sanctity.

The Lector’s mission is to publicly proclaim the word of God, and so he places his hands on a Lectionary, promising to love the Sacred Scriptures and develop a passion for the sanctification of souls.

The Exorcist receives the same power over the demonic that Christ gave to the Apostles, and is called to the same life of “purity and vigilance of soul”. He is presented with the Rituale, with which he can expel demons and guard Christ’s people against evil.

Finally, the Acolyte’s duty is to carry lit candles during holy ceremonies, representing his mission of enlightening others with his conduct and bringing them closer to God. Acolytes also take on a more intimate role in the Divine Mysteries and are responsible for presenting the water and wine that will become the Precious Blood during the Mass.

A Faith-Centered Life at Casa San Francisco

The Faith is a central part of life at St. Francis Emmaus Center (affectionately called Casa San Francisco by the residents and locals) for both the mothers and their children. Even those who have had little to no exposure in their lives are regularly instructed and lead in prayer. Occurrences like the one pictured are common, where a group of the young children have gathered around to be near the Blessed Mother.


Thailand Refugee Program Update 3/22/18

After our last transfer to Thailand, Mrs. Pervaiz went grocery shopping with her children. A portion of the money sent goes toward food shopping about once a month while the rest is used for rent, utilities, and other necessities. Your generosity makes it possible for them to continue to live at a very basic level. If you aren’t already a regular supporter, please consider setting up a recurring donation of any amount to help ensure this Christian family’s survival.


Orphans In India Offer Up Prayers For Their Patrons

In addition to their school lessons and recreation time, the children at God’s Precious Little Souls In India regularly attend religious instruction under their on-site missionary priest, Fr. Stalin Puratyidathil, and pray for their volunteers and benefactors.


21 Seminarians Take Part in Cassock and Tonsure Ceremony

On February 2nd, twelve seminarians received the clerical tonsure and surplice and nine the cassock at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Dilwyn, VA. The black cassock is a visible sign of death to the world and self, while the tonsure and surplus represent the renouncing of all vanity and new life in Christ.


The Real Face Of The Women’s Healthcare Crisis

In honor of International Women’s Day yesterday, the internet was flooded with articles, blog posts, and social media statuses celebrating womanhood and the women and causes we hold close to our hearts. What many people don’t know is that in most of the developing world, nearly 50% of mothers and newborns don’t receive the healthcare necessary to ensure survival both during and after delivery.

Every year, 2.6 million babies are delivered stillborn, and 2.9 million die within their first month of life. Even with our incredible strides in modern-day medicine, newborns still make up 44% of the childhood mortality rate. The main causes of death are complications in delivery, complications due to prematurity, and infection, all of which are treatable with proper healthcare.

In the Talamanca region of eastern Costa Rica, the Cabecar population endures infant and mother mortality rates almost 5 times higher than the rest of the country’s population. Without access to the assistance available in more developed areas, common illnesses can mean death, and many families won’t seek help until it’s too late.

At St. Francis Emmaus Center, these mothers are provided with housing, meals, childbirth education, and quality care to ensure a safe delivery and recovery for their babies and for themselves. Through this continued work, the statistics can be changed. These are the women who need advocacy. These are the women who need your help.


Thailand Refugee Program Update 3/8/18

Below is our most recent transfer to Thailand. Yesterday Mrs. Pervaiz informed us that she had gone to their Western Union location and discovered that her passport (main ID) has expired, resulting in WU refusing to give her the money. We had to immediately cancel that transaction and resend the money to a friend (and fellow refugee) of Mrs. Pervaiz, so she could accompany her friend, pick up the money, and pay their overdue rent and utility costs (they are charged extra for every day past the due date). We communicate directly with Mrs. Pervaiz, and she is the only one who receives the transfer information.

We’ve received only three donations totaling in $100 over the last two weeks, but the need remains real and constant. Please consider making a donation and sharing this campaign with your friends.

Iraqi Archbishop Publically Forgives Islamic State For Continued Persecution

Since 2014, the Islamic State has been gaining control of more and more land in Iraq, including many largely Christian-populated areas. The results have been devastating. An estimated 125,000 Christians are said to have fled just from the Ninevah Plains region when faced with a choice: pay Jizya, convert to Islam, or die. Last week Bashar Warda, the Iraqi Archbishop, finally made his statement. Follow the link below to read the rest of the story.
We forgive those who murdered, tortured and raped us: Iraqi Archbishop


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