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Thailand Refugee Program Update 1/8/19

Our last two transfers of 2018 and a few photos of the Pervaiz family following Christmas Mass. Through the incredible and consistent generosity of our donors, we’ve closed on another year in which we were able to keep this family alive, safe, and well despite their desperate circumstances. We couldn’t do it without you.

Thailand Refugee Program Update 12/4/18

Per our request, Mrs. Pervaiz documents every part of the process that she can, down to her handing the grocery money over to the cashier on her shopping trips. We take all of these extra steps to provide clarity a reassure our donors that they know exactly where their contributions are going.

New Life Brings Joy In Abundance

After the mothers, the other children in the families are perhaps the most joyful when a new baby is born. In the indigenous areas they live in, every safe delivery is a blessing and no child is unloved.

Father Stalin Returns to God’s Precious Little Souls

Father Stalin has been away from the mission for a time since he was appointed as Principal of St. Xavier school in Northern India. The children at God’s Precious Little Souls eagerly awaited his recent return.

Crisis Pregnancies: From Terrifying Ordeals To Miraculous Events

Before St. Bryce Missions, pregnancy was a dangerous and terrifying ordeal for the Cabecar women. Most of their villages have no electricity or medical care nearby. Healthy mothers regularly experienced preventable difficulties, while mothers with complicated pregnancies faced significantly higher risks.

Thailand Refugee Program Update 11/09/18

The Pervaiz family continues to survive while they await relocation to an asylum country. Mr. and Mrs. Pervaiz don’t know where they will be sent, but settling in a country where they are safe from persecution and free practice the Faith, work, and enroll their children in school is the constant intention of all our prayers.


All Saints’ Day, Uttar Pradesh, India

The children took turns praying before Our Lady on the feast of All Saints- the older ones guiding the younger. They ask for the saints’ intercession and for the conversion of sinners, and say prayers of gratitude for God’s grace and for the generosity of their missionaries and benefactors.


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