April 11, 2018 Emma Cassman

Healing the Body, Nurturing the Spirit

Kennet has cerebral palsy and was born without the ability to walk. Approximately 41% of children with CP are also diagnosed with co-occurring epilepsy (most commonly found among the children whose CP makes walking impossible) and 6.9% with co-occurring autism. For the indigenous people of Costa Rica, this diagnosis- at the very least- means constant struggle and lifelong paralysis. At the worst, it’s a death sentence.

But at Casa San Francisco, this three year-old little boy was given a new lease on life. Through endless prayer, dedication, support, and love, Kennet can now walk. Without continued donor generosity and thankless, dedicated mission work, this miracle never would have been possible. To help ensure this incredible work can continue to transform lives, sign up here at flowerofcharity.org and become a donor today.

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