March 8, 2018 Emma Cassman

Thailand Refugee Program Update 3/8/18

Below is our most recent transfer to Thailand. Yesterday Mrs. Pervaiz informed us that she had gone to their Western Union location and discovered that her passport (main ID) has expired, resulting in WU refusing to give her the money. We had to immediately cancel that transaction and resend the money to a friend (and fellow refugee) of Mrs. Pervaiz, so she could accompany her friend, pick up the money, and pay their overdue rent and utility costs (they are charged extra for every day past the due date). We communicate directly with Mrs. Pervaiz, and she is the only one who receives the transfer information.

We’ve received only three donations totaling in $100 over the last two weeks, but the need remains real and constant. Please consider making a donation and sharing this campaign with your friends.


You may contact us through the form, call us at 615.266.3256 or write us at:

Flower of Charity Ministries
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